Montgó Lifestyle has restored balance and harmony in many people's lives. We value our attendees' privacy, and have therefore only included their first names and no photograps.

I would definitely recommend Montgó Lifestyle, I am so glad I got to experience it first hand. I gained control over my addiction. Thanks to the treatment programme, I now live in peace, balance and harmony, together with my family. I had a wonderful time and am going back regularly.


As a partner, this has been beneficial to me as well. I received the right help for the problems I was dealing with. And I'm so grateful for this. I woudl definitely recommend this for all the help you need, it definitely helped us. It helped us calm down, in such a beautiful environment.


My mother and I embarked on an adventure in Spain. Looking for acceptance, forgiveness, balance and harmony. Jávea is beautiful, clean and has a very pleasant atmosphere. I felt safe and heard. The team boosted my confidence and gave me strenght, with a warmth and sincerity. I was able to break through old patterns and love myself. At home, I am still not on my own and theu are always there for me. I am grateful i met this beautiful souls. I am grateful for all the tools, love, harmony and balance I learned from all of you. We are in love with Jávea and will be back soon!


Great location with very experienced, enthousiastic and passionate speakers. I learned so much and am very grateful.

Being looked after/activities/food were amazing, many thanks.

The combination of all different aspects gave me so many insights which I will benefit from for the rest of my life. This is one of life's gifts, no one can take this from me. I would recommend this to everyone.


My cousin got me in touch with Rogier at Montgó Lifestyle. After years of intense therapy for anxiety in the Netherlands, I ttook the plunge to go to Jávea for two weeks. The team is so exoerienced and made me feel at ease. In the end, I stayed for three weeks as I responded very well to the therapy and the entire treatment process took me in an upward spiral. I will be back for another two weeks in five weeks time, to work on other issues and come closer to myself. Certain patterns have been broken through, which makes my life so much more comfortable. It really feels like a breath of fresh air, and I wish this for everyone! Thank you so much Montgó Lifestyle team, for this liberating experience.