Today's society offers an abandunce of temptations and addictions. Status, money, attention, goods or the pressure of work. During the intens Montgó Lifestyle Care programme, we help you to disconnect from all this. 

Based on our extensive experience in treating people suffering from burnouts, depression and addictions, we offer the professional support and guidance you need. Unique in this respect is the full attention and 24 hour care we offer, as most of our treatments are one-to-one. You will stay in a Spanish villa, with a maximum of five attendees. With its multidisciplinary team and holistic approach, Montgó Lifestyle supports its attendees to take a conscious step in the right direction. 

Montgó Lifestyle Care helps you regain control over your life

During your stay, you will discover the real cause of your problems. You return to the core of your existence and you will learn to live in harmony with yourself and your environment. Your sympoms will reduce or disappear. And you will know what to pay attention to, to prevent falling back in your old patterns.


The intense course will change your lifestyle

During the Montgó Lifestyle Care programme, you will follow an intense, individual course. This will start with an extensive intake with our psychotherapist in the Netherlands. Depending on the issues you are dealing with, we will set up a programme for you and you will spend two or three weeks with us at the Costa Brava.

In your first week, together we will find the root cause of your problems. We use therapy sessions to dig deep and empty your heavy rucksack. We then fill your rucksack again, this time with tools that will help you deal with your body and your life. This will also be helpful when you are back in the Netherlands. We will do our best to create the right balance between working on yourself and relaxing when you are staying with us. This includes set times for coaching and therpay sessions. 

We also teach you the effects exercising, being outdoors and healthy nutrition have on your body and mind. And ofcourse there is time to relax, for examply via meditation. The right balance between being active and relaxing.

Annemieke Evers

Annemieke Evers

Annemieke is Montgó Lifestyle's psychotherapist and manages content of the different programmes. In her personal life, Annemieke finds the right balance by relaxation and by communicating the right way with her environment. It is of great importance to her to truly connect with people. For Annemieke, communication in the broadest sense of the word is the key making all this possible.

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Rogier Buningh

Rogier founded Montgó Lifestyle. 

At Montgó Lifestyle, we help people who are stuck, whether in life, in the relationship with their partner or themself, find the right tools to make healthy choices to regain balance and harmony.

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