The Business Retreat is ideal for businesses and individuals wishing to find the right balance within themselves and the company they are working for. Together we will develop a tailor-made programme which will fit the organisation and the challenges it is facing. This includes taking a look at the position the individual has within the company, where does he/she stand compared to the rest, where is the team positioned, is there a connection and how does the team communicate?

What is a Business Retreat

Is there a need for proper, intense team building? Would you like to create a new team from different groups? A Business Retreat is the right place for you!

No quick fix, but full attention

We believe in an un ultra integrated approach. With room for personal and joint development, including great activities such as functional relaxation. Our Business Retreat gives attention to everyone's personal situation and solutions. Do you want to work on building a team which is involved and close to each other? Our Business Retreat is perfect for you!


A made to measure programme for you and/or your team

We don't work with a schedule which is set in stone, but, based on every situation, alter the personal schedule to the group process and developments.

A day programme can be shaped in different ways.  
Examples of morning activitities:
– Yoga or Pilates
– Workshop 'Energy balance'
– Workshop 'Connection within the team'
– Workshop 'What is your position within the team'

Examples of afternoon activities:
– Hiking
- Exercising
- Canoeing
- Sea fishing
– Wim Hof (ice bath)

All activities are part of the programme. Being active does not only make you feel good, it is also creates a stronger bond within the team.

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