Montgó Lifestyle works together with different partners in the healthcare industry. From addiction specialists to coaches and personal trainers. 

Spoor6 Private Care “Refind Yourself”

Refind Yourself specialises in high-quality support of private clients (outside the regular care system), including successful professionals, celebrities and high profile private individuals for whom discretion and result are of great importance.
Nederlanders en high profile particulieren, die discretie en resultaat belangrijk vinden.

If you are looking for a highly discreet treatment for behavioral or substance addiction or other mental issues (depression, anxiety, burnout etc), whereby your
preferences, circumstances and possiblities are taking into account, Refind Yourself works together with different parties, including Montgó Lifestyle. The intake will take place in Bussun, where you will also meet your treatment provider in the Netherlands and the team in Spain.

Naturally, we use the latest scientific and most effective methods and use the knowledge of professionals
in their specific area of expertise.


Het Coachpunt

Are you thinking of dealing with certain issues in your life? Are you looking forward to letting go and experiencing freedom? How brave! As this can be quite confrontational, which isn't always easy. But you and your environment will always benefit from this!

Het Coachpunt offers individual support to people, via life coaching, boxing coaching and coaching of youths. Whereby we focus on improving quality of life, overcoming mental blocks, developing a strong mindset and a healther lifestyle. Genuinely involved, very active and from a basis of trust and security.

Het Coachpunt is proud to work together with Montgó Lifestyle

Centre for personal and group training, physical therapy & nutrition