Casa Tranquilla Javéa

Costa Blanca – Spain

Relax and spend quality time working towards a better you. At our exclusive location on the Costa Blanca. Totally private and fully equipped. 

  • Cosy living space
  • Pool area
  • Communal area 
  • Consulting room for individual meetings
  • Luxurious bedroom with ensuite bathroom ensuite and air conditioning
  • Private chef
  • Nutritionist
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At Jávea, you can come completely at rest. The environment enables you to work on yourself. Jávea has a microclimate, whch means both summer and winter are very pleasant.

The air is also of a very good quality and the sea is clear and clean. All together, Jávea gives you a pleasant feeling from the moment you arrive. 

Montgó mountain is located on the east coast of Spain, between Valencia and Alicante. The mountain is 753 metres high and is also called ‘the sleeping Elephant’, due to its appearance when looking at it from a distance. The mountain and its surrounding nature reserve is lush, pure, clean and has a calming effect. The elephant symbolises strength, wisdom, friendliness, happiness and a long life. They need each other to survive. They have excellent communication skills, something people often struggle with. Montgó Lifestyle represents not having to go at it on your own and a better way of communicating with each other. The mountain oozes this energy, which can be felt all around.

A lot of people claim they can see an elephant's head in the shape of the Montgó mountain. 

The elephant is the symbol of strength, wisdom, friendliness, happiness and a long life. They know they need eachother as they cannot survive on their own. Elephants are have excellent communication skills, something people can learn from. We follow this philosophy at Montrgó Lifestyle.

Outdoor area

indoor area

Exercise & relaxation