Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? You can find our frequently asked questions below.

We hope you can find what you're looking for. If not, just get in touch.

Montgó Lifestyle is situated on the Montgó mountain in Jávea, Spain. 

Jávea, or Xàbia, is located between Valencia and Alicante. You can enjoy the mediterranean climate all year round. The perfect place to work on yourself and regain balance and harmony in your life. 

At Jávea, you can completely relax. The environment provides everything you need to work on yourself. Jávea has a microclimate, which means both summer and winter are very pleasant. Jávea also has a high level of air quality and the sea is clean and clear. From the moemnt you arrive, Jávea gives you a pleasant feeling.

This won't be possible without approval from Montgó Lifestyle. We highly value discretion and the privacy of all our attendees. Would you like to visit Montgó Lifestyle? Just get in touch. 

We offer and extensive programme with different activities. If you would like to do any other activities during your stay, just get in touch with our team on site. They are happy to help. 

Our programmes are suitable for all ages. For persons below 18 years of age everything is done in consultation with parents / caregivers. Are you curious if we can help you? Just get in touch. 

In consultation with the participant, we determine the best time to start the program. 

The costs of all activities as part of the programme are included in the price. 

Montgó Lifestyle represents a personal approach. Depending on your needs, we will look into the best approach to help you. This can be on an individual basis or via group sessions. 

A lot of attendees arrive on their own. Would you rather take part as a group? Not a problem!

Yes, there is plenty of room for parking if you are travelling by car. 

All attendees flying into Alicante airport can use a free transfer from the airport and back again. We don't offer transfers from any other airports. 

Yes, we have wifi. However, we encourage you to disconnect from technology as much as possible and to get in touch with yourself and nature. 

No, we don't serve alcohol at Montgó Lifestyle. We focus on finding a new balance and harmony. We offer a balanced menu of food and drinks, without any alcoholic beverages. 

The pool is normally not heated. The climate already ensures that the swimming pool has a comfortable temperature.

We offer a very diverse menu. The menu will be based on your dietary requirements and will be created together with a nutritionist. This is to make sure you get the best nutrition during your stay. 

  • Warme clothing (trousers, sweaters, jacket etc)
  • Summer clothes (shorts, t-shirt etc)
  • Working out gear (trainers, shorts, t-shirt)
  • Hiking shoes (sneakers are also allowed)
  • Toiletries
  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Insurance policy: most Dutch insurances cover emergency medical care in Spain

Montgó Lifestyle Care costs €975 per day. The costs for a business retreat depends on the duration and number of participants. Contact us for a quote. 

These charges include accommodation, however, your flight is not included 

You can use the registration form to let us know you are interested in taking part. We will be in touch once we have received your registration form and will then finalize your application. 

We understand there might be cirscumstances which cause you to cancel your booking. Just get in touch if this is the case. 

Accommodation and balanced meals are included. Flights are not included.